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About Me

Gas grilling has a bad reputation in the BBQ world, especially among fans of the smokier style of BBQ. I’m here to dispel that myth and show people how amazing gas-grilled BBQ can be. I have a passion for grilling, and I love giving people tips and tricks to take their grilling skills to the next level.

I’ve spent years perfecting my BBQ technique and trying out all sorts of grills during my quest for the ultimate BBQ secrets. I’ve traveled all over the country speaking to chefs and pitmasters and avoiding arguments about which region has the best BBQ in the nation. A perfectly grilled piece of meat stokes my enthusiasm, and my years of experience have taught me that despite their bad reputation, gas grills are incredibly useful and even ideal for most styles of BBQ.

The first step in making amazing BBQ is getting the right grill. I’ve tested out hundreds of grills in my life and have found that some are indeed better than others. If you’re looking for guides, the site has guides for the best flat top grills, propane grills, combo grills, and any other gas grill you can imagine. No matter your budget or preferences, I’ll help you find the right equipment for your needs.

During my travels, I’ve discovered that BBQ brings people together. In building this site, I want to start a community of gas grill fanatics who can share ideas, recipes & tips in a warm and welcoming space.