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The Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

Two burner gas grills tend to be small-sized and compact. In most cases it’s a good choice for a smaller family or simply for those who cook less.

It is also a good choice for those without much space in their backyard.

Is two burners a lot or a little? That depends on whether you cook a lot.

When it comes to efficiency, what matters is for a two burner grill to be of the right size. Another important thing is burner power as it makes it easier to reach the right temperature.

Regardless of your budget, I was able to find several different options.

Here’s the list of the best 2 burner gas grills for every occasion and budget.

The Best 2 Burner Gas Grills Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Weber Spirit II E-210

weber spirit II e-210

Without a doubt, the best choice in this category will be Weber Spirit II E-210.

I chose it for many reasons and I can confirm that it is the best choice of recent years when it comes to gas grills under $400.

It was designed so that it would cost as low as possible and offer as much as possible. For that reason, it has no features nor gadgets and was built with an open construction.

It allowed to lower the price significantly and focus mainly on what really matters, which is the quality of workmanship and efficiency.

As a result, Weber Spirit II E-210 has become the most popular series of solid gas grills.

It’s a solidly built grill that will certainly withstand a lot. On top of that, it was covered with whole 10 years of warranty which further confirms its quality and the fact that Weber is the leader in the industry.

It has 360 square inches of area on solid grill grates.

Two very strong burners guarantee great efficiency, they allow to very quickly achieve the right temperature for cooking.

It has some work space on the side shelves and some storage room under the grill.

The advantage of this size is that it doesn’t take much space in the backyard. On top of that, it comes with large wheels that make it even easier to move the grill around.

The Spirit II series is high quality of workmanship and brilliant comfort of cooking.

Taking all the key aspects into account, it is a great choice for this kind of money. It’s a great choice for beginners and for those who have been cooking for years alike – the shared advantages here are quality, durability, efficiency and great price.

It’s a simple grill without gadgets but in the Weber’s offer you will find plenty of accessories sold separately.

Char-Broil Performance 300 reviews

The next suggestion is nearly 1/3 cheaper than Weber Spirit II and it differs a lot in terms of the construction.

Char-Broil Performance 300 is another simple yet very well-built grill equipped with two burners.

It has 300 square inches of cooking area which, combined with two burners, gives  very good results.

The burners’ efficiency is very good, making it possible to achieve the right temperature in a short time.

The grill doesn’t come with any interesting features or gadgets.

It’s a very simple construction where emphasis was put on efficiency of burners and execution of the entire grill. The front panel and the lid are pretty eye-catching, both elements were made of stainless steel.

It looks great, but it also works well in practice when it comes to durability.

They also took care of comfort of cooking – the grill has two spacious side shelves and a huge storage space for accessories under the grill.

It’s a very simple yet efficient grill that has all the essentials. It’s a good option for those who value good quality of workmanship for a decent price.

3. Best Portable - Weber Q3200

Weber Q3200 Natural Gas Grill

An interesting suggestion for people living in climates where high humidity and rain lead to early appearance of rust.

Weber Q3200 was mostly made of plastic components. The lid and the body were made of cast aluminum which also provides resistance to corrosion.

It offer a whole lot of cooking area (393 square inches) and all the solutions that ensure comfort of cooking.

The two side shelves may not be big, but they provide some work space.

Under the grill you will find room mostly for a tank, sadly there isn’t much room for accessories down there.

Two burners of unorthodox shape make it possible to cook with very intense direct heat. Using one of them, on the other hand, makes it possible to cook with indirect heat.

In practice, achieving very high temperatures doesn’t actually take a lot of time. It owes it to the unusual shape of the burner and its power, which at this kind of surface gives really nice results.

It gets thumbs up for the solid quality of grill grates, these are divided into two parts. You can turn one of them into a griddle after buying it at the Weber store (sold separately).

The good news to many is the fact that Weber Q3200 is available in two versions (propane or natural gas).

It’s a very well built grill that can withstand a lot, but in my view the price is a little too high. For this kind of money you can buy many other interesting stationary grills, but the final choice is up to you.

I also certainly appreciate the style of this grill, which differs a lot from most grills.

What to Look for in a 2 Burner Gas Grills

Budget – The price range for two burner gas grills is huge. A lot depends on whether you want quality and efficiency or not. If you grill a lot then I suggest to increase the budget and buy something solid for years to come instead of complaining every two years about some cheapest grill.

Size – Two burners are adjusted to the specific size of a grill in order to maintain the best efficiency possible. It means that there isn’t much difference between all grills when it comes to the cooking area. Despite that, it is still better to analyze the choice in order to best match the grill to your style and available space in the backyard.

Accessories – Most basic two-burner grills don’t offer too many features in the basic version. Plenty of manufacturers, however, have a huge selection in their offer in case you wanted to buy interesting accessories separately – check out the manufacturer’s offer.

Durability and Warranty – In most cases, the better the warranty, the more durable the grill likely is. You want quality? Increase your budget a little and buy a solidly built grill. Some manufacturers offer a truly solid warranty period so it’s a good idea to look around.

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