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The Best 4 Burner Gas Grills

Most 4 burner gas grills offer a lot of cooking area and plenty of interesting features. It’s a popular configuration created for those who cook a whole lot and often throw parties.

It has to be kept in mind that such number of burners means a huge gas consumption, especially if you cook a lot, which is why I recommend to choose a natural gas version.

There are plenty of very interesting four burner gas grills on the market, but which of them are really worth your money?

To make searching easier for you, I have created a diverse list of the best 4 burner gas grills for every situation and budget.

Check out my suggestions carefully  and pick the grill that best suits your situation.

The Best 4 Burner Gas Grills Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Weber Genesis II S-435

weber genesis II S-435

As my first choice, I decided to pick a grill from the medium price range that comes with all that is essential for comfortable cooking.

Weber Genesis II S-435 is a solidly built and very durable grill for years to come.

The stainless steel version is mega impressive when it comes to the style and appearance, but that’s not the most important thing.

On top of great quality and style, another very important thing is efficiency and functionality.

The strong four main burners ensure a phenomenal heat output.

Such number of burners allows for a great temperature control. You can create different heat zones and use them to cook different types of food at the same time or even for smoking.

For better functionality, Weber introduced two additional burners, a sear station and a side burner. Both are great, but my favorite is the sear burner. It almost instantly generates power so strong that creating sear marks on the food’s surface becomes very easy and fast.

The combination of all those burners with high capacity gives huge possibilities.

The grill has 646 square inches of the main cooking area, which really is a lot.

Another important thing is the comfort of cooking thanks to a lot of working area.

I also appreciate the array of other minor and less significant aspects such as tool hooks or a large storage room under the grill.

The Genesis II series is a suggestion for those who demand quality and functionality. In this model one can see and feel very high quality of workmanship from every side.

Weber has covered this model with 10 years of warranty – I have to objectively admit that this series maintains a very high level in terms of quality of workmanship.

Due to the large number of burners I recommend buying the natural gas version, it is a more convenient solution if you have a natural gas line hooked to your patio for example.

The price is pretty high but what you’re getting is definitely worth it.

A suggestion for those with a very limited budget. It is in my view the only four burner gas grill in this price range that is worth the attention.

You are certainly not going to find anything better for this kind of money, the Char-Broil Performance Stainless steel 4-burner has no competitors in this category.

It is possibly the simplest and cheapest grill with four burners, to tell you the truth I am surprised that they were able to build such grill for this kind of money.

It has four main burners, the power of which isn’t very high but it’s fully adequate to the capacity. It has 425 square inches of the main cooking area, that’s a lot for this kind of money.

Such configuration makes it possible to fully use the potential of four burners.

The two side shelves offer a whole lot of working area for cooking.

I am very surprised with a grill for that kind of money having a side burner. It isn’t a spectacular feature but it’s certainly useful when cooking.

Most grills made of stainless steel look great, it is similar with this model.

The grill’s construction is very simple, the manufacturer focused only on the essentials.

It is not a very durable grill but for those less demanding or those who cook very rarely it should be perfect while also allowing to save a lot of money.

The grill’s construction isn’t very solid and it doesn’t come with interesting solutions, features or gadgets (besides the side burner) but that’s not what grills at this kind of price are about.

It’s a very simple grill created to make it possible to prepare a simple meal. It doesn’t surprise with anything, neither with efficiency nor with functionality.

It’s a simple and very cheap grill for a few seasons mainly for those less demanding and rarely cooking.

3. Best High-End Pick - Weber Summit S-470

Weber Summit S-470

To those with a big wallet and high expectations, I suggest Weber Summit S-470.

It’s a very versatile gas grill equipped with four main burners and four additional burners. It comes with the essentials plus a lot of interesting features for those who like to experiment.

The main burners are phenomenal, generating a great heat output. Their number makes it possible to cook different types of food at the same time, a great option for those who like to cook with different heat zones.

The additional burners, on the other hand, guarantee versatility and make it possible to prepare very diverse food.

Sear station, smoker burner, rotisserie burner and side burner are all burners designed for different tasks. There are plenty of ways to use them, which truly gives a lot of possibilities.

On top of that, I have to appreciate the style, quality and functionality of the entire construction, where even the tiniest elements were taken care of.

At your disposal you get a lot of working area, plenty of storage room and a large number of useful hooks. There is no shortage of less crucial but very useful solutions that make this grill not only functional but also very convenient.

Besides the high quality of workmanship, the greatest advantage of this grill is its versatility and that is the main reason why the Summit series is so expensive. On the other hand, there aren’t many grills on the market that can offer so many features in one grill, which is what makes it a very interesting suggestion.

Due to its price and functionality it is more of an option for experienced people who will be able to use this grill to its full potential, so the price won’t be too scary to such people.

4. Best Gas Griddle - Blackstone 36"

Outdoor Gas Griddle Blackstone 36 inch

A very interesting alternative to standard grills is an outdoor griddle.

It’s a grill with a flat surface that has plenty of advantages over a grate grill.

Griddle grilling makes it possible to cook smaller things such as vegetables, delicate fish, fine pieces of meat etc. It also makes it possible to fry plenty of interesting things such as pancakes or eggs for example.

A griddle doesn’t give the same kind of results as a standard grill, but it still makes it possible to cook the same meat as on a regular grill.

The flat surface is characterized by very large capacity.

The Blackstone 36” has whole 720 square inches of the main cooking area.

One has to admit that it’s a whole lot, especially for this kind of money. The large capacity is the reason why grills of this type are used in places where very large quantities of food are cooked (restaurants, events etc).

This model is equipped with four main burners, which are independently controlled. It makes it possible to create different heat zones, which allows to cook such things at the same time as meat, veggies and fried eggs for example.

Thanks to its flat surface, the griddle gives a little more options than a regular standard grill without accessories. It allows to easily prepare an interesting, diverse meal that consists of more than just meat.

Is it better than grill grates? It shouldn’t be compared this way.

My suggestion is as an alternative to a regular grill, if you have a charcoal grill for example then you can buy an outdoor gas griddle to spice things up.

What to Look for in a 4 Burner Gas Grill

Budget – The price range is mega diverse depending on the grill’s size, functionality and of course the quality of workmanship. Define your budget and look for a grill at the right price range. The good news is the fact that in pretty much every price range you can find something interesting.

Size – The difference between individual 4 burner gas grills can be as high as 200 square inches. Looking at the market, one could expect anything from about 400 all the way to 650 square inches of the main cooking area. Analyze carefully how much you cook and pick the right size for your situation.

Features – Are you interested in a very functional grill? There’s a lot of very versatile grills on the market but keep in mind that these are way more expensive. There are models that are very well equipped and for that reason they cost as much as a few times more than the simplest grill.

Type of power – You have propane or natural gas to choose from. Due to the large number of burners, I recommend going for the natural gas version. Of course a lot depends on whether you’re connected to a natural gas line and if you actually use that many burners a lot. I’m saying this because cooking very often is a cause of very high gas consumption. When it comes to propane, it will be necessary to refill the tank much more often which makes natural gas a better (more convenient) solution.

Durability and warranty – Plenty of four burner grills cost a lot so it’s better to check out carefully what is covered with warranty. A major investment always comes with a risk so it’s better to have an adequate protection relatively to the amount of money spent.

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