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The Best Gas Grills under $300

Below 300 dollars you won’t buy a solid and durable grill, with a few exceptions.

You can certainly forget about a big and solid gas grill. At this kind of price you have to choose between quality, size and functionality.

It means that a good quality gas grill below $300 is characterized by small size and very simple construction.

For that kind of money it’s impossible to make a big grill that at the same time will be functional and durable. Personally, I focus on quality of workmanship and durability – that’s what I had in mind when creating this guide.

Here’s the list of the best gas grills under $300 for every situation.

The 4 Best Bas Brills under $300 Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Char-Broil Performance 300

Char-Broil Performance 300 reviews

For this kind of money, the only solid and durable stationary grill that I can recommend is Char-Broil Performance 300.

It is a simple grill that only comes with what’s essential, without any gadgets.

The manufacturer focused on the quality of workmanship and I have to admit that the effect is very good.

It has 300 square inches of the main cooking area, which makes it a good option for a small family or someone who doesn’t cook much.

Sadly, in this price range you won’t find any solid and at the same time durable grill. You need to understand that for quality, large size and functionality you have to pay much more.

Still, I believe that it is a great choice that fits perfectly into the price range of up to 300 dollars.

It has two decent burners that work very well on this kind of surface.

One should definitely appreciate the style of construction in this grill as well as the pretty eye-catching lid made of stainless steel. It looks great and at the same time guarantees much better durability.

The closed grill construction hides inside a lot of space to store things behind the door.

They also took care of the comfort of cooking, you have two spacious side shelves at your disposal.

To sum it up, for this kind of money you won’t find anything better when it comes to quality and efficiency. It is actually the only typical stationary grill that I can recommend in this guide.

2. Runner Up - Weber Q2200

weber q 2200

The next suggestion is the versatile Weber Q2200, which I can definitely recommend with the separately sold Q Portable Cart.

Sadly, the total price will slightly exceed 300 dollars, so you can consider buying the smaller model Q1200 - or simply wait a little and buy the stand at later time (I recommend the latter option if you have a limited budget).

Combined with the stand, you will have a mega versatile portable grill that can also serve as a stationary grill.

When it comes to the stationary version, when combined with the stand the comfort of cooking doesn’t differ much from a typical grill.

Weber Q2200 was designed with intention of making it as convenient to transport as possible. The second equally important goal was to maintain the best possible efficiency and comfort of cooking away from home.

It is with my pleasure that I have to say that Weber has achieved both goals perfectly and I think that today it is the best portable gas grill on the market.

The Q2200 version offers whole 280 square inches of cooking area.

It comes with top quality grill grates present in full-sized grills that, together with a strong burner, guarantee great results.

The burner itself, besides being strong, is characterized by its unorthodox shape, which covers the entire area of the grill. Thanks to that, achieving very high temperatures takes little time.

The maximum results are good enough to make very hot grilling possible (perfect for steaks or burgers).

It gets mega thumbs up from me for the quality of workmanship, right upon the first contact you can tell that it is a durable grill.

For those who have doubts, I recommend watching the multiple available reviews on YouTube.

Another good argument is the very good warranty period for this model (up to 5 years for individual elements).

3. Best Gas Griddle - Blackstone 28"

blackstone flat top grill 28 inch

I know that it isn’t a typical grill with grill grates but I decided that it might make a great alternative.

Especially that it’s a fairly simple yet durable construction that offers a whole lot of space and doesn’t cost much.

Blackstone Griddle 28” has two burners and offers whole 470 square inches of the main cooking area.

A grill of this type is great for cooking different types of breakfasts and lunches.

On top of the ability to cook standard meat, it is also possible to fry finely sliced vegetables and meats, or even pancakes or eggs.

It is mostly these possibilities that made me decide to present it to you in this guide.

The simple and solidly built construction is durable. There isn’t much room on the side shelf, but what matters is that it’s at least this much. There’s a lot of room under the grill where you can store tools, accessories or plates.

Another advantage is the fairly compact design equipped also with a handle on one side and two wheels that make it possible to easily move the grill to a different spot.

I know that it is a downside to many that it doesn’t have grill grates, but if you already have a typical grill in your backyard, it’s a good idea to also buy an outdoor griddle that will make an interesting alternative to standard grilling.

Blackstone is a reliable and valued manufacturer in the industry, which makes a guarantee of high quality.

4. Best Versatile & Portable - Coleman RoadTrip 285

Coleman RoadTrip 285

A whole lot of space for cooking, as many as three independently controlled burners and a compact design.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 is a versatile grill that will work great in many situations. The main idea was a compact design that allows for a very easy transport of the grill.

That way you can bring it along away from home, like when going camping.

Keep in mind, though, that you may also use it as a stationary grill at home. 

Once you’re done cooking, just fold it and hide it away so that you can save some space. It’s an interesting solution for those with very limited space or those who simply don’t cook often.

It has whole 285 square inches of the main area, that isn’t much less than a regular stationary grill.

Three burners means the ability to create different heat zones, and all turned on together allow to achieve the right temperature for cooking in a very short time.

I like the idea of dividing the cooking area into two different separate parts. When you buy a griddle separately, you can replace one half of the grill grates. That way you can enjoy the benefits of griddle grilling on one side and standard grate cooking on the other.

An advantage here is the stand, which doesn’t have to be bought separately.

Overall, the entire construction is a very interesting design that works great in practice. I do have my doubts, however, about durability of individual elements such as the stand or the wheels.

When it comes to versatility and efficiency, I have to give it very high notes.

It’s a fairly popular model, so in case of any doubts I recommend watching a few videos that better present upsides and downsides of this grill.

What to Look for in a Gas Grill under $300

Size – Almost all grills for this kind of money are small, but the difference between them is still significant. For that reason, I suggest thinking about how much you cook and how much space you have in your backyard for a new grill.

Number of burners – In this price range, the best option are two burners but sadly many of them only have one burner. Having two makes it possible to adjust two independent heat zones, which is always some upside.

Features – I think that you should forget about any features and gadgets for this kind of money and focus on quality alone. Below 300 dollars you can’t make a solid grill with interesting features. It is always possible, though, to buy accessories separately later on and that’s the solution I recommend here.

Mobility – At this kind of price, there’s a lot of small-sized grills available as well as those that were designed mainly with mobility in mind. Plenty of portable grills can be used as stationary ones at home if they come with the right accessories. It’s a good solution for those who travel a lot, being able to purchase a versatile grill for every occasion.

Warranty – Each of us wants our grill to be as durable as possible, but sometimes there are manufacturing errors. In certain situations the quality simply turns out to be very poor despite high price. That’s why it’s a good solution to make sure what kind of warranty a particular grill model comes with.

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