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The Best Natural Gas Grills

If you have access to a natural gas line at home then it’s a good idea to consider buying a natural gas grill.

It’s a great solution especially for those who cook a whole lot on a big grill. In such situation, the gas consumption will be so big that in case of propane, you would have to refill the tank pretty often.

To make the task easier for you, I will help you pick the best natural gas grill out of the entire offer available on the market.

With a natural gas grill, you don’t have to worry about not having gas for cooking. It is a definitely more convenient option, and on top of that, it is also more cost-effective in a long run.

The downside is that not everyone has access to natural gas and that such installation costs some money and requires a professional in the field.

ebg-table__imageWeber Spirit II E-310 NG
  • Main Space: 424 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 105 sq. in.
  • BTU: 30000
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__imageWeber Genesis II E-335 NG
  • Main Space: 513 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 156 sq. in.
  • BTU: 37500
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__imageWeber Summit S-470 NG
  • Main Space: 468 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 112 sq. in.
  • BTU: 48800
  • Burners: 4
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ebg-table__imageWeber Q3200 NG
  • Main Space: 280 sq. in.
  • BTU: 21700
  • Burners: 2
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The 4 Best Natural Gas Grills Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Weber Spirit II E-310 NG

weber spirit II E-310 natural gas

As the first option, I always recommend the Spirit II series from Weber, as it offers the best quality to price ratio.

It is one of the cheapest and smallest stationary grills that run on natural gas.

Weber Spirit II E-310 is available in two versions (propane and natural gas).

Remember that when you go for natural gas, you won’t be able to use propane, your decision has to be well thought-out.

If you cook very often, but only for yourself, a couple or a small family then you don’t need a big grill. One of the Spirit II series models will be more than enough, for example the E-310 model has 424 square inches of the main cooking area.

In my view, that’s a universal size that works well in most situations.

Weber Spirit II E-310 NG is a simple yet very efficient and solidly built grill.

It is covered with whole 10 years of warranty, which at this kind of price is a huge advantage.

The three burner version offers a lot of space, making it possible to create different heat zones. The burner power is very good, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve high temperatures.

Spacious side shelves, a lot of storage space, hooks, a built-in thermometer are all things that provide comfort during each cooking session.

The experience of the Weber brand allowed to create a phenomenal grill that comes with all the essentials without spending a fortune.

Of course the quality of workmanship is just as important, and in this case there’s nothing to worry about, as is confirmed by numerous positive reviews (not just mine).

weber genesis II E-335 natural gas grill

The Genesis II series from Weber is a suggestion for those who expect something more than just a simple grill, as is the case with the Spirit II series.

Of course you should keep in mind that new features and bigger size have a huge impact on the price.

Still, if you are experienced in grilling, have a bigger budget and know what you want, I really recommend to you Weber Genesis II E-335.

Genesis II is a combination of high quality of workmanship, attention to detail, bigger area and functionality.

It has whole 513 square inches of the main cooking area and three main burners (there’s also a bigger four burner version Weber Genesisi II E-435).

It offers a whole lot of work area (two big folding side shelves), a lot of storage room behind the front door, wheels for better mobility and a lot of hooks to hang tool on.

The whole construction was designed in a way that guarantees the highest comfort of cooking and functionality.

I really like the style of this grill, cabinet style grills are my favorite type.

Besides the very good quality of workmanship and large area, the main reason why people choose this grill is its two extra burners.

I’m talking about the side burner and the sear station – both are very useful during each cooking session.

Another important argument in favor of it is 10 years of warranty.

In practice, Weber Genesis II is better made than Spirit II. It is more massive and you can see the attention to detail, like a steel lid handle instead of a plastic one etc.

3. Best High-End - Weber Summit S-470 NG

weber summit s-470 natural gas

The Summit series from Weber is a suggestion for those most demanding – there is one major downside, a very high price.

The Weber Summit S-470 Natural Gas grill is an option for those who love to experiment.

A huge number of interesting features, a large cooking area and the number of burners give a lot of possibilities.

It has 468 square inches of the main cooking area and four strong main burners.

This stainless-steel grill looks impressive while maintaining great durability.

Solid quality of workmanship and attention to every detail are behind such high price. The greatest advantage of this grill besides the size and quality, however, is functionality.

I’m talking here about as many as four extra burners, each of which was created for a different purpose. These are: sear burner, rotisserie burner, side burner and smoker burner.

Each of them is useful and I am sure that it will be often used in many situations. It’s a perfect configuration if you like to experiment and create something new.

The whole construction is mega impressive in terms of style and functionality. I like the two very spacious side shelves that provide a lot of work area.

On top of that, there is no shortage of storage room and hooks for tools and such.

The Summit series was created for those most demanding and enjoying functionality.

The basis is high quality of workmanship and a lot of interesting features. It is possible to buy a lot of accessories separately that will add even more options.

It is available in two versions (propane or natural gas) but in this case I recommend only the natural gas one. Having so many burners means the gas consumption is very high, especially when you cook a lot.

4. Great for Apartments - Weber Q3200 NG

Weber Q3200 Natural Gas Grill

You don’t have much space? In such case, you should check out Weber Q3200.

It is a pretty compact grill that doesn’t take much space while at the same time offering a lot of cooking area. How is that possible?

The construction was designed in a way that best utilizes its properties.

It lead to creation of a grill that only comes with the essentials, which makes it great for places with limited space.

Under the lid you will find whole 393 square inches of the main cooking area and two burners of unorthodox shape. They cover the entire cooking area, and when you start them both, it only takes a few minutes to reach very high temperatures.

It looks completely different from a standard grill but in practice it makes it possible to make equally delicious food.

You can also expect high quality of workmanship and durability.

One of the advantages here is the mobile construction that is very easy to move around the backyard/patio. All the other suggestions are pretty massive grills that usually just stand in one spot.

This one has two big wheels that make it very easy to move the grill to a different place.

The downside is inability to create different heat zones, lack of interesting gadgets or additional burners and no storage room of any kind.

What to Look for in a natural gas grill

Budget – The price range in some cases is huge, so you should define your budget right at the start. Natural gas grills are among the most expensive grills around, so they are more of an option for those experienced.

Size – Analyze your needs, think about how much you are going to cook and take into account the space in your backyard. It is better to take a slightly bigger grill than to complain once in a while about the area being too small. A big grill works well in special situations like parties etc, and you don’t have to use the entire space in everyday use.

Number of burners – My recommended number is three burners. It allows to create different heat zones so that you can cook different types of food at the same time. It is even possible to smoke, although it requires adequate accessories.

Features – You like gadgets or experimenting with recipes? Check out additional burners, which increase the grill’s possibilities a lot. Sadly, it’s a solution only for those with bigger wallets.

Warranty – If you are already spending a lot of money on a new grill, it’s a good idea to think about warranty. There’s always the risk that your grill won’t be perfect, so if you’re spending a lot of money it is better to choose a manufacturer that cares about their clients.

Remember you cant' use propane

There is no turning back, if you choose natural gas you won’t be able to use propane.

That’s exactly why there are two options available to choose from ( Read my guide to the best propane grills ). The construction in both cases is different enough to make it difficult to change. No manufacturer will allow to have their installation altered, if you do so, you’re only doing this at your own risk.

Just analyze your decision carefully and choose the type of grill consciously, knowing all the upsides and downsides.

For that purpose, I recommend reading a guide in which you will learn about the differences between a propane and a natural gas grill.

Why Natural Gas Version

Let’s sum up the key upsides and downsides of the natural gas grill.

You have an unlimited supply of gas without worrying that you will suddenly run out of propane in the tank

You don’t have to go anywhere to refill the gas tank

In most cases, natural gas is cheaper in a long run, even when you have to install a natural gas line

It’s a great solution if you cook a whole lot and often. A big grill uses huge amounts of gas if you use many burners.

Sadly, you are limited in terms of mobility but it’s not a huge problem when it comes to big grills (unless you have a very huge backyard)

There is much less natural gas grills than propane grills on the market

Not every place makes it possible to hook up a natural gas line

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