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The Best Portable Gas Grills

I love spending time away from home camping, at the beach, in the park or any other place outside.

As someone who also loves grilling, I have spent a lot of time on finding the right grill that can be easily and conveniently taken to such places.

On top of mobility, other important characteristics are efficiency, functionality as well as good quality of workmanship and durability.

Not many grills on the market meet those criteria, which is why I will help you choose the best portable grill that meets the key requirements.

After many years I have a few tested options that haven’t let me down in most situations. Many of them are just as good in form of a stationary grill when needed.

The Best Portable Gas Grills Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Weber Q 1200

weber q 1200

Out of all grills on the market, it is Weber Q1200 that is characterized by the best balance between the quality of workmanship, ease of use, efficiency and most importantly mobility.

It has 189 square inches of cooking area which is a pretty satisfying result for a portable gas grill (there’s a bigger Q2200 version available).

The efficiency of this series is incredibly good thanks to the great burner.

The unorthodox shape of the burner and its power guarantee great heat output. Great enough for the grill to be able to achieve a very high temperature that is perfect for hot grilling of steaks or burgers.

Another huge advantage is the solid grill grates, it is truly rare for a portable grill to have such grates.

Portable gas grills weight a little more than portable charcoal grills for example, but they’re still easy and convenient to transport, especially if they have the right mobile features.

Another mega advantage is the very high quality of workmanship and durability. The construction type and the quality of workmanship make it a solid grill that works perfectly in more difficult conditions.

Weber means high quality of workmanship and availability of many interesting accessories.

If you cook often then I recommend first buying a stand (Q Portable Cart). It is a little expensive but if you want to have a comfort of a stationary grill away from home then buying a stand is a must.

The advantage of this grill is that it can easily be used as a stationary grill at home as well. In terms of efficiency and power it really doesn’t differ that much from a regular big gas grill.

It has a useful built-in thermometer and some working area on the side shelves.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention that it is covered with five years of warranty.

2. Runner Up - Coleman RoadTrip 285

Coleman RoadTrip 285

I like the type of construction and the integrated stand available at the same price. Due to its significant size, it isn’t quite as mobile, but it does come with many interesting features useful away from home.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 is a good choice for a bigger family/group of people.

It has 285 square inches of the main cooking area and three burners. Such configuration gives great possibilities of cooking at different heat zones.

All three burners turned on at the same time generate mega intense heat, which allows you to start cooking very fast.

The grill grates were divided into two equal parts, each of which can be removed separately.

It is possible to buy a griddle separately, which allows to replace one half of the grates for example. That way you can prepare a diverse meal using the grates and a griddle at the same time.

The flat surface makes it possible to fry eggs, pancakes or small veggies/meats. It’s a very good and practical solution away from home where you’d like to prepare more diverse and wholesome food.

Thumbs up for the two retractable small side shelves, they may not be big, but they will certainly come in handy when cooking.

The folding legs are a very nice idea so that when they’re folded you can conveniently transport the grill. Once you reach your destination, all you have to do is easily unfold the legs and you can start cooking without having to look for the right surface.

Other features that are also important during transportation are the lid lock and additional handles.

In my view, it is a great portable gas grill, especially for this kind of money. But due to its fairly large size and weight it is mainly an option for those traveling by car from one place to another etc. (without walking too much).

Blackstone- 17 inch griddle

The relatively low price made it possible for those who travel to buy an outdoor griddle as their second cooking device instead of a regular grill.

It is not a typical grill with grates but I decided that it will make a good alternative.

Blackstone Gas Griddle 17” is a compact grill with a flat surface for those who’d like to fry pancakes, eggs and small vegetables.

You are perfectly aware that it’s not possible to cook such things on a regular grill with grates because it all falls inside the grill through the gaps in the grates.

Of course, besides the ability to cook small things you can still cook wieners, burgers and other popular types of meat.

The advantage is a large capacity despite the very compact size, 260 square inches of cooking area.

The griddle is a fairly simple device without any unnecessary gadgets and features which allows its price to be attractively low.

It is also a low-malfunction device due to its simple construction.

When cooking, all of the grease, juices and smallest food remains go to a special container through a hole in the griddle. The container or drawer can be very easily emptied, just take it out through the grill’s front.

Sadly, it only has one burner, a pretty strong yet uneven one, but it isn’t a bigger problem.

I recommend it due to its versatility, great efficiency, very good durability and low price.

4. Best Tabletop - Cuisinart CGG-200

Cuisinart CGG-200

A very small and compact grill that is perfect in household conditions where there is no place for a full-sized grill.

It can also be used away from home but it’s not as convenient to transport as my previous suggestions.

Cuisinart CGG-200 has whole 240 square inches of the main cooking area.

It has one fairly strong burner with sufficient efficiency.

I like the retractable side shelves that offer a lot of working area. When they’re folded, you get access to solid handles on both sides that make the grill convenient to carry with hands.

Sadly, there is no stand which means that it is a tabletop grill that requires an adequate surface.

The grill grates can be removed for easy cleaning.

It’s a simple compact grill that will mainly work in places where you can’t have a big stationary grill. I think that it will also work well when camping out or in places with proper conditions for cooking (a table etc).

In terms of quality it isn’t bad, but in my view it is far below slightly more expensive options such as Weber Q for example.

What to Look for in a Portable Gas Grill

Budget – Specify your budget that you’re planning to spend on a new grill. Due to the small size the price range isn’t very huge but you can still find very cheap ones for as much as 50% less than the most expensive models.

Size – Think about how much you are planning to cook and how much space you have or how you want to transport the grill. If you’re going camping with a big group of people then a better solution would be a bigger grill. If, however, you only cook for yourself or 2-3 people then a much smaller one will be more than enough.

Weight – Remember that the bigger the grill, the bigger the weight. Portable gas grills are sadly much heavier and less mobile than portable charcoal grills. If you’re not planning to carry the grill while walking long distances, you have nothing to worry.

Mobile Features – Simple construction, handles, lid lock, cover, folding stand etc. These among others are the features/solutions that have a deciding impact on mobility. Pay attention to what exactly a grill has to offer and if it’s really this compact.

Durability and Warranty – Traveling comes with many unpredictable situations and more difficult conditions. All of that causes the risk of damaging the grill if it’s not properly made. What matters is for the grill’s construction to be fairly simple and most importantly durable. Equally important is the warranty so that it doesn’t turn out during the first outing away from home that the grill is defective.

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