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The Best Propane Grills

The offer of propane grills on the market is very big and diverse, which is why I have created a guide that will help you pick the best propane grill without wasting that much time analyzing.

Looking for a stationary grill? A mobile one, or maybe something unconventional?

I have prepared several very interesting options for you that I’m going to discuss in detail below.

I encourage you to check out my reviews, especially if you are someone with little to no experience with this type of grill.

I believe that it is good news to many that propane grills are available in a very vast price range.

ebg-table__imageWeber Spirit II E-310
  • Main Space: 424 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 105 sq. in.
  • BTU: 30000
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__imageWeber Genesis II E-335
  • Main Space: 513 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 156 sq. in.
  • BTU: 37500
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__imageChar-Broil Performance 300
  • Main Space: 300 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 100 sq. in.
  • BTU: 24000
  • Burners: 4
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ebg-table__imageWeber Summit S-470
  • Main Space: 468 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 112 sq. in.
  • BTU: 48800
  • Burners: 4
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ebg-table__imageWeber Q2200
  • Main Space: 280 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: N/A
  • BTU: 12500
  • Burners: 1
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ebg-table__imageBlackstone Gas Griddle 36"
  • Main Space: 720 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: N/A
  • BTU: 60000
  • Burners: 4
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The 6 Best Propane Grills Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Weber Spirit II E-310

weber spirit II e 310

In pretty much every guide on gas grills it is Weber Spirit II E-310 that takes the top spot, why is that so?

The Spirit II series combines all the crucial things, which are high quality of workmanship, efficiency, adequate size, simple construction and the lowest possible price.

It’s been a few years since this series originally premiered, but it’s still a very popular and most importantly a very recommended grill.

The three-burner version offers a big enough cooking area, it has 424 square inches of the main area.

The three burners make it possible to achieve high temperatures very fast and enable to create several heat zones, which even allows you to smoke provided that you have the right accessories.

The simple construction has everything that’s essential for really convenient cooking. A lot of storage space, hooks, large side shelves, big wheels for better mobility or even a built-in thermometer.

Weber Spirit E-310 is simply a simple yet solidly built propane grill that will survive a lot. For those who have any doubts, I have great news. Weber has covered this model with whole 10 years of warranty, which is unheard of in this price range.

Of course you can find plenty of much cheaper grills on the market, but there’s one very important thing to keep in mind. What matters is quality of workmanship, functionality and efficiency, and not the price – it is better to invest a little more and have a grill for years to come.

If you miss functionality then you can always buy plenty of separately sold accessories or simply check out a better equipped grill series from Weber.

2. Best Upgrade Pick - Weber Genesis II E-335

weber genesis II E-335

For those who value very high quality of workmanship and functionality, the Genesis II series was made, which fits right into the medium price range (around a thousand dollars).

Weber Genesis II E-335 is in my view one of the best propane grills on the market.

it is characterized by its solid construction and attention to all the essentials, which are the working space, useful hooks, storage area under the grill etc.

Despite having three burners, it offers a whole lot of space, it has whole 513 square inches of the main cooking area. At the first glance, three burners is not much for this kind of grill, but you need to know that weber burners are very strong and efficient.

What makes this model stand out compared to the much cheaper Spirit II E-310, for example?

First and foremost, Genesis II E-335 offers more cooking area (by about 20%). It has a closed cabinet type construction, a style I personally like more. Plenty of elements were more polished or made of a better material (like the steel handle instead of a plastic one).

The key difference, however, are the two additional burners that make cooking much more interesting and the grill itself more versatile.

The sear burner is something that I honestly recommend to every enthusiast of perfect sear marks. The side burner, on the other hand, is very useful for preparing some sauce or heating something up in the meantime.

Of course they aren’t anything crucial, but I believe that it’s a really good choice to pay a little extra and have them (personally, I use them very often and have nothing to complain about).

When it comes to this series, the Warranty is also whole 10 years.

Due to the pretty high price, I think that it’s a perfect grill for someone experienced who cooks a lot and values quality of workmanship and phenomenal efficiency.

Char-Broil Performance 300 reviews

When it comes to stationary full-sized propane grills, Char-Broil Performance 300 will be my only suggestion in the lower price range.

As someone experienced, I focus on quality and efficiency and not the lowest price. What matters to me is for a grill to last for many years without major problems so that I don’t have to replace it after two seasons (a common occurrence with the cheapest grills).

It has 300 square inches of the main cooking area. That’s not too much, but not too little either – I believe that it’s more than enough for a small family.

It doesn’t come with any interesting features or gadgets, it’s a very simple grill construction.

It was designed so that it has everything that guarantees comfort of cooking. Its pretty large side shelves offer a lot of work space, and the built-in thermometer allows to monitor temperature.

It only has two burners, but for a grill in this size it is 100% enough.

Under the grill you will find plenty of space to store different things and accessories.

What really catches attention is the lid made of stainless steel, it guarantees durability and it also looks great.

As you can see, there is nothing special about this grill. What matters is the relatively low price and very good quality of workmanship, which results in decent durability.

It’s a small-sized, simple and durable grill, perfect for those who don’t cook too much nor too often. Are you looking for this type of grill? Check out my guide on best small gas grills.

4. Best High-End - Weber Summit S-470

Weber Summit S-470

One of the most expensive and at the same time most versatile grills on the market.

Weber Summit S-470 is a suggestion for those with a big wallet and those who love to experiment.

You don’t need to spend that much money to have a solid and durable grill. But if you care not only about quality but also about style and functionality, it is a perfect option.

The grill was made with attention to even the tiniest details that you can’t see at the first glance. Even minor elements were made of materials of much better quality, which led to a phenomenal end result.

It is big and comes with plenty of burners (total of 8, including four main ones). Such combination allows to create plenty of different heat zones and utilize different cooking techniques.

When it comes to additional burners, these are: rotisserie burner, side burner, smoker burner and sear burner.

Of course those are gadgets that you could do without, but this grill is not something for those with a limited budget. If you love grilling and like to make different types of food (experiment with recipes) then it’s a great choice.

It comes with very large side shelves that provide a lot of work space. Another advantage is the hooks, the storage space and many other elements that improve convenience.

You need to remember that, besides great functionality of gadgets and the entire construction, it is also a durable grill that was covered with 10 years of warranty.

Here’s a little note from me, since it has so many burners, I suggest you consider choosing the natural gas version. If you cook very often and use many burners, the propane consumption will be high enough to make frequent refilling of propane a nuisance.

See more similar grills in guide to the best natural gas grills.

5. Best Portable - Weber Q2200

weber q 2200

A phenomenal portable gas grill that will work well in many situations.

A great solution if you travel a lot and spend your time camping for example, or if you live in a city and have limited space.

I suggest buying the separately sold Q portable cart that will make cooking on Weber Q2200 as convenient as on any other stationary grill.

Of course you can cook without a stand, but in such case you’re going to need the right surface. 

It can be used as a tabletop grill in many places or for cooking at a tailgate party.

There’s plenty of options for using Weber Q, which is why I believe that it is a brilliant portable grill.

Besides functionality and mobile features, though, another very important thing is durability and quality of workmanship. In this case, I have to admit that Weber has lived up to the task and created a perfect grill for withstanding non-standard conditions.

A very low-malfunction construction plus body and lid made of cast aluminum guarantee high resistance (to corrosion in this case).

It is great to know that there are many interesting accessories that expand this grill’s possibilities even further (that’s great news for those who travel a lot).

It comes with a burner in a shape that covers the entire surface of the grill, which allows it to achieve very high temperatures in a short time.

For a portable grill, it offers a whole lot of cooking area, it has 280 square inches of the main grilling area.

Let me remind once again about the Q Portable Cart that is definitely worth having even though the price isn’t very attractive.

I really recommend watching videos on YouTube where you can see it in action and learn a lot of interesting tips.

6. Best Outdoor Griddle - Blackstone Griddle 36"

Outdoor Gas Griddle Blackstone 36 inch

It is likely that a lot of us have never had a chance to cook on this type of grill before, which is why I’d like to write about it, as it’s a very interesting alternative to a regular grill.

Yeah I know, Blackstone 36” is a grill with a flat surface instead of grates.

Griddle grilling differs significantly from standard grilling, but I still decided that it’s a good idea to put this grill as the last on my list.

On top of cooking standard meat (for a regular grill), the flat surface makes it possible to fry tinier food. I’m talking about finely sliced vegetables, pieces of meat, or even frying pancakes or eggs.

It gives you an opportunity to create diverse meals that consist of more than just meat.

A flat surface grill is characterized by large cooing area (720 square inches in this case). It makes it great for cooking for a very large number of people.

A big number of burners makes it possible to create many heat zones, which you can utilize to cook wieners and small vegetables at the same time.

It requires a little more attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the plate, but it’s nothing too complicated.

The Blackstone is among leaders in this category of grills, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of workmanship and efficiency. In both of those aspects, they represent a very high level, and the grill itself is available in many sizes.

It might be a very interesting alternative to regular grilling if you feel like trying something new.

What to Look for in a Propane Grill

Budget – I have prepared suggestions for everyone’s budget, but I still suggest defining your budget before you start looking for a new grill. The price range is really big and it’s better to verify whether a particular grill is really worth its price.

Size – Analyze the amount of space in the backyard, patio or wherever you’re planning to use your grill. Think about how much you cook and whether you really need a grill this big (there’s no point overpaying if you won’t use the grill’s full potential).

Number of burners – It will impact the ability to create different heat zones. My recommended number when it comes to stationary grills is at least two burners, preferably three. Of course the number of burners is closely related to the grill’s size so you should analyze both aspects carefully.

Features – You want gadgets, functionality and versatility? Personally I like those a lot, but you need to know that it’s going to cost you much more. I know that there’s a lot of people who cook rarely and only simple food, which is why I tried to also come up with simpler options. A simple grill makes it possible to prepare equally tasty food, it’s all about convenience that is worth paying for, but not when you have a very limited budget.

Mobility – You travel a lot, spend time outdoors away from home, camping out or you simply have limited space? In such situation look for a grill that is small-sized and had its construction designed around mobile features.

Warranty – Every investment should be adequately secured. The more you spend, the better it is for this period of time to be long. Check out the warranty your manufacturer offers and what exactly it covers so that you don’t get disappointed later.

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