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The Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills

When buying a new grill, everyone wants it to be functional, efficient, durable and good looking.

Without a doubt, plenty of these characteristics make stainless steel grills stand out, like durability and great appearance for example.

You have to remember, though, that not every type of stainless steel is of the same quality, which has a key impact on the actual durability and steel properties.

Without a doubt, the cheapest stainless steel grills are not among the most durable ones, which can’t be seen at first glance. You need to check what steel grade your grill was made of so that you can be sure about the quality but remember, high quality is expensive.

To make it easier for you, I have prepared a list of the best stainless steel grills on the market.

The 4 Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills Reviewed

weber spirit S-315

The phenomenal, one of the best gas grills on the market, available in a stainless steel version.

I was very glad to see that, especially considering that I am an owner of grills from the older Spirit series and from the latest Spirit II (with open construction).

Both series are fantastic, although in terms of construction I’d much rather have the earlier version.

Now I am also happy with the fact that the first series is available in a stainless steel version.

Of course a grill in the steel version costs a little more, but it’s worth it due to the style and durability.

It has 424 square inches of cooking area and three strong burners.

Weber Spirit S-315 is a very solidly built grill that comes with all that’s essential for comfortable cooking. It’s a pretty simple construction without any gadgets, which allowed the price to be so affordable.

What it doesn’t lack, though, is working space, storage room, tool hooks and mobility.

The three main burners are brilliant when it comes to the heating power generated. With this kind of configuration and this kind of size, you can effectively create different heat zones.

If you need more functionality, I recommend the expanded version Spirit S-335, which was also equipped with a sear station and a side burner (the price is higher, but it’s worth it).

Going back to the basic version, however, I have to admit that it is a phenomenal grill in every regard. In terms of quality, it is the same high level as in the first models of the Spirit series.

To those with any doubts I remind about the whole 10 years of warranty for this model.

2. Runner Up - Weber Genesis II S-435

weber genesis II S-435

A very well-made stainless steel grill with attention to more details and better functionality.

Weber Genesis II S-435 is about 100% more expensive than Spirit S-315, what hides behind such difference in prices?

First and foremost, this grill is much bigger, it offers whole 646 square inches of the main cooking area. It has as many as four very strong burners that generate very intense heat.

You need to know that Weber manufactures one of the best burners on the market in terms of durability and efficiency.

On top of that, the grill was equipped with two additional burners that significantly improve its versatility. These are the sear station (my favorite feature) and the side burner (also a very useful solution).

Another very important advantage is the high quality of workmanship and style.

At first glance, one can see that it is a grill made with attention to detail. What really catches the eye is the steel lid finishings or the thick, solid handle.

It is simply a very solidly built grill that is mega impressive. I have to admit that I like the stainless steel version much more than the standard black version.

Of course there’s no shortage of working area, storage room, a good built-in thermometer or many tool hooks.

All of this together makes it a big, versatile and durable grill made for those who cook a whole lot and demand quality.

The Genesis II series is covered with 10 years of warranty as well.

Out of all big grills on the market, I believe that this (four burner) model is definitely the number one in every regard. Despite its high price, you get a phenomenal product that will make you surprised with its efficiency and quality of workmanship.

Char-Broil Performance 300 reviews

Don’t worry, I have also found something for those with a very limited budget.

Char-Broil Performance 300 is not made entirely of stainless steel, just the lid and the front panel. Still, I decided I would place it on this list especially considering that it’s a solidly built grill.

I have to admit that this model turned out to be a huge surprise to me – a positive one, of course. As one of the few, it proves that for this kind of money it is really possible to build a truly solid and efficient grill.

The cost of such low price is lack of any features or gadgets.

Luckily it’s not the features that decide on the results of cooking, it’s mainly about skills. For that reason, it’s a great grill for those with a limited budget or simply those who are satisfied with a simple yet durable grill.

It has 300 square inches of the main area and two very good burners.

Such configuration is sufficient even for a family of a few people.

There is no shortage of working space thanks to the two side shelves. On top of that, there’s a lot of storage room under the grill.

Thanks to its small size and four wheels in the base, it is a pretty mobile grill.

What surprised me is the truly great quality of workmanship for this kind of money. I can easily say that it’s a good investment that can certainly withstand a lot.

4. Best High-End Pick - Weber Summit S-470

Weber Summit S-470

My last suggestion is aimed at very demanding people with a big wallet.

Weber Summit S-470 is an incredibly functional grill for those who love to experiment with different interesting gadgets.

Of course the entire functionality of this grill is based on high quality and durability. Thanks to that, it’s a very solid and durable grill that at the same time is very versatile.

The four-burner configuration isn’t that big (468 square inches) so if you’re looking for an even bigger grill then you should definitely check out Weber Summit S-670.

High quality and functionality of the entire construction are without a doubt a huge advantage. You can see the attention to even the most minor and least visible details, which makes the whole grill look so great.

They also took care of the basics such as hooks , storage room or working area.

Besides the quality, though, the greatest advantage of this model is its versatility.

The Summit series offers as many as four additional burners, which are the sear station, the side burner, the rotisserie burner and the smoker burner with a box.

There are plenty of ways to make use of these burners, which is why I mentioned above that it’s a grill for cooks who love to create something new (own recipes etc).

This model is available in two versions (propane or natural gas). As someone experienced, I suggest you choose the natural gas version if it’s possible for you.

You should especially go for this option if you cook a lot. The reason is a huge number of burners which means very high propane consumption, which in turn means necessity to often refill the tank.

Last but not least, I’d like to remind about the 10 year warranty for this series.

Yeah I know, the price is very high, but on the other hand, I’m aware that plenty of us really love to cook on a grill.

If the price is too high for you, though, and yet you still wish for this kind of functionality, quality and size, I recommend the equally phenomenal Weber Genesis II S-435  - available at a much lower price.

What to Look for in a Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Budget – The price range is very huge, it depends on the size, equipment and quality of workmanship. Carefully analyze your budget and define how much you are going to spend on your new grill.

Steel Grade – Take into account the fact that not all stainless steel was made equal. There are different grades of steel that differ in their properties and durability. The cheapest stainless steel won’t protect from corrosion that well, which plenty of people learn the hard way when buying the cheapest grill.

Size – Match the grill size to your needs. There’s no point buying a big grill if you’re not going to use its full potential. It is much better to spend that money on a more expensive and better grill that will perfectly fit your lifestyle. Take the space in your backyard into account as well.

Number of burners – You love cooking with different heat zones? In that case, my recommended number is at least three burners. The more of them, the bigger the freedom and abilities to use the entire cooking area. Different heat zones make it possible to cook different types of food at the same time.

Features – You want to experiment when cooking or maybe you just want simple cooking. Think carefully about it, as there’s plenty of interesting features that increase the convenience and versatility of a grill. Sadly, they have a very huge impact on the final price of such grill, which makes it a solution for those with a bigger wallet.

Warranty – Every investment should be properly secured, adequately to the price. When buying the cheapest grill with poor warranty, you risk a lot. It might turn out that after just two seasons the grill will no longer work properly and the warranty will be long expired by then. If you cook a lot on a grill, it is really a good idea to pay more and buy a solid grill to last for years.

Grades 304 and 430 Stainless Steel

The stainless steel grade is crucial, it’s what impacts how durable and corrosion-resistant your grill is going to be.

There are plenty of steel grades, which is why I will only mention the two used most often to make grills.

Grade 304 stainless steel – It is nonmagnetic steel, which is characterized by its great properties (durability and resistance to corrosion). It costs much more, which is why it can only be found in very expensive grills. If majority of a grill’s construction was made of this type of steel, it means that it’s a high quality, durable grill.

Grade 430 stainless steel – It is magnetic steel that is mainly used to make cheaper grills due to its price. It is characterized by much poorer properties and lower resistance to corrosion. Certain grills are made entirely of this steel, which allows the manufacturers to save a lot on manufacturing.

It has to be emphasized that in most cases manufacturers use both grades to make the same grill. For less significant elements, the poorer grade will be enough. When it comes to the ones most exposed to external factors, however, the better grade steel is used.

It is important for the manufacturer to maintain the right proportions. It is the best for a grill to be made mostly out of the best quality materials, although that is very expensive.

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